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We are the Valona Music Project, a family of musicians and educators that are part of the Albanian diaspora. Having lived throughout Europe and the U.S., we have put down roots in the west,  but cannot sever the ties started here in Albania. So we want to come home.

Originally from Vlora, we cultivated a passion for music and its ability to bring beauty into our lives despite the political strife and economic uncertainty that surrounded us as children in the 90's. We left our home seeking higher education and more opportunity as many young Albanians do. Yet in our time away from home, we have maintained pride and love for our heritage. We feel called to create opportunity and provide the education we once sought, so that Albania can keep its young musicians home and reach their full potential. 



The Valona Music Project has two major initiatives. The first is education. We are dedicated to bringing high quality musicians from across the world to bring out the potential of young Albanian artists. We believe that Albania is rich in talent and ability and we hope to instill this very same belief in the hearts of every participating child.


Our second initiative is to foster the cross-cultural and collaborative spirit of music. We do this by preparing a free public concert featuring both Albanian and foreign musicians. This benefits the performers by enriching their craft and cultivating a network beyond borders, and the public by providing an opportunity to hear Albanian culture honored by others while simultaneously introducing new sounds and styles.


Our project is rooted in the belief that every person deserves a life filled with prosperity and beauty. Therefore, we are partnering with the Naim Frasheri School of the Arts in Vlora, Albania where we will offer free masterclasses to their students.


We are also dedicating our inaugural program, Rrënjët e Unitetit (United Roots) to the Fundjavë Ndryshe Foundation (A Different Weekend).  We will be collecting donations during our concert both in person and online to help the Fundjavë Ndryshe in their mission to educate, feed, house and build stronger roots for Albanians in need.